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  • Danny Creasy

    Danny Creasy

    With a manuscript at 58, I decided life was too short for traditional publishing, and with stories to share, I self published 4 books. https://dannycreasy.net

  • Ichinkhorloo Ayursed

    Ichinkhorloo Ayursed

    Amateur minimalist, Mental health matters, Stories from different timeline

  • Davide Mana

    Davide Mana

    Paleontologist, writer, translator, blogger, game designer. Reader of books. Stranded in the wine hills of Piedmont, writing fantasy and SF to pay the bills.

  • Lee Basford

    Lee Basford

    Designer, photographer, illustrator and artist. living in and around the overlap of art, design, photography and bikes | humankind.jp leebasford.com

  • Joseph Banner

    Joseph Banner

  • Ariel Villarin

    Ariel Villarin

  • Russ Linton

    Russ Linton

    Nomad, science fiction author, cryptocurrency miner, trailblazer.

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